Core Spindrift Brands

Killick Session Lager

4.7% ABV – 16 IBU

Bright – Crisp – Tangy

Our easiest drinking, crowd pleasing, light and refreshing Helles. A craft lager for everyone who wants their beer to taste like beer.

16oz $6 – 1L Grunter $7 – 2L Growler $11.50

Sea Glass North East IPA

7.0% ABV – 40 IBU

Ripe & Juicy – Silky – Tropical

Hazy with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel and bursting with tropical hop character. Now that you’ve found it, treasure it!

16oz $7 – 1L Grunter $8 – 2L Growler $13

SunDaze Pale Ale

4.8% ABV – 25 IBU

Aromatic – Citrusy – Balanced

An easy drinking session-able ale made for the times that make our region great – patios, parties and casual get togethers. Unfiltered, aromatic and pale in colour with passionfruit and citrus hop character – it is sure to bring all your friend to the yard.

16oz $7 – 1L Grunter $8 – 2L Growler $13

Queen Bee – Honey Brown Lager

4.8% ABV

Toffee – Elegant – Nutty

A malt-forward brown lager brewed with local Canadian honey. Well balanced, it flows smoothly with light and nutty flavours. It’s one of life’s sweetest finds.

16oz $7

Spindrift Seasonals

Brave Noise

Pale Ale

5.0% – 0 IBU

A collaboration with a big goal: a safe and discrimination-free brewing industry. Brave Noise is advocating for inclusive spaces and transparent practices, including the public dissemination of policies and commitment to creating safe spaces for historically marginalized individuals across the brewing industry. One dollar from every can of Brave Noise sold will be donated to a local organization providing access to mental health and counselling resources located in Dartmouth, N.S.

16oz can $7

Seeker – Vanilla Stout

6.3% – 32 IBU

Smooth – Dark – Decadent

We’ve brought our original Seeker Espresso Stout to the next level with the addition of a massive dose of vanilla. Rich notes of coffee and chocolate are intensified and warmed by the creamy vanilla flavour. The result is a smooth, cozy and incredibly drinkable treat.

16oz can $7

Seeker – Espresso Stout

6.3% ABV

Dark – Rich – Complex

We count ourselves lucky to call Atlantic Canada home, and love to get out and explore our own backyard. In the spirit of exploration, we searched long and hard for a perfect pair for this robust stout and found it in rich, roasty espresso. Creamy, decadent and brimming with coffee flavour and aroma, your search for this beauty won’t be an adventure you’ll regret.”

16oz $7 – 1L Grunter $8 – 2L Growler $13

Spindrift Cider

5.8% ABV

Off Dry – Crisp – Refreshing

We partnered with our friends over at Lake City Cider for an educational collaboration session to make this clean, crisp and full-bodied cider. Made with freshly pressed NS apples, this cold fermented, off-dry cider is very refreshing. This was such a fun project and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results… try it for yourself!

16oz $8 – 1L Grunter $10 – 2L Growler $16

Toller Lager Family

Toller Gold – Quality Crafted Lager

5.0% ABV – 12 IBU

A loyal companion, Toller Gold consistently delivers on value and flavour and provides an easy-drinking alternative to mainstream beers. A refreshing, crystal-clear and straw coloured lager with aromas of corn, barley and cereal grains. Lightly sweet malt flavours and just a hint of crisping hop character and a dry, thirst quenching finish.

16oz $6 – 1L Grunter $7 – 2L Growler $11.50

Toller Lite – Crafted Lite Lager

4.0% ABV – 8 IBU

3g Carbs – 90 Calories (per 355ml can)

Finally, a low carb, low calorie, light lager made in Atlantic Canada. Toller Lite provides a light, easy drinking alternative to mainstream lifestyle lagers. Straw-coloured, light and crystal-clear. Light on the palate, with mild malt aroma and delicate flavour of barley and cereal grains. Highly attenuated, with a dry, thirst-quenching finish.

16oz $6 – 1L Grunter $7 – 2L Growler $11.50