Our Best Friend Beer

Toller arrived as a separate Spindrift off-brand product in Nova Scotia in 2018, and has since wandered into Newfoundland and Labrador in 2019. New Toller products are coming soon!

  • Straw-coloured and crystal clear, this refreshing lager has aromas of barley and cereal grains. Slightly sweet, light malt flavour finishes with a thirst-quenching, dry crispness. Time for another sip! Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Finally, a craft beer for the masses! Welcome Toller: friendly, clever, easy-to-love, and loyal. Your new best friend. This beer is crisp and a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a clean, easy-to-drink beer. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Toller Lite

    Size: 24 x 355 ml
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