Core Offerings

Our core brands are our foundational products. The most widely available of our beers, they appear in package and on-premises in all four Atlantic provinces. We were founded as a lager brewery, and all our lagers are branded with lobster buoys, drawing colour inspiration from the provinces we call home. As we branched into ales, we added nautical signal flags to brand these new “flag”ship products.

  • Our debut brand: a European amber lager with mild, toasty caramel malt character and just enough hopping for balance. Coastal is a highly drinkable beer with elegant effervescence and a smooth finish. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Hurricane IPA

    The IPA captures every element of hop character one would expect from a classic west coast style. Expect big flavour and aroma, as well as an off-dry finish. Designed for every IPA lover with easy consumption in mind. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • The easiest drinking lager in our lineup. Killick is a crushable beer with mild and clean upfront bitterness that dissipates quickly. A light hopping with Saazer-type hopes lends delicate floral aromas. Size: 24 x 355 ml
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