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  • Toller Lite

    Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Finally, a craft beer for the masses! Welcome Toller: friendly, clever, easy-to-love, and loyal. Your new best friend. This beer is crisp and a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a clean, easy-to-drink beer. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Straw-coloured and crystal clear, this refreshing lager has aromas of barley and cereal grains. Slightly sweet, light malt flavour finishes with a thirst-quenching, dry crispness. Time for another sip! Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • The easiest drinking lager in our lineup. Killick is a crushable beer with mild and clean upfront bitterness that dissipates quickly. A light hopping with Saazer-type hopes lends delicate floral aromas. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Our debut brand: a European amber lager with mild, toasty caramel malt character and just enough hopping for balance. Coastal is a highly drinkable beer with elegant effervescence and a smooth finish. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Hurricane IPA

    The IPA captures every element of hop character one would expect from a classic west coast style. Expect big flavour and aroma, as well as an off-dry finish. Designed for every IPA lover with easy consumption in mind. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • Sale!

    Nova Scotia LOVE

    $50.09 $41.39
    A community brew to help the families affected by the HRMS Helicopter crash and Snowbird crash. All profits going to these families. An easy drinking brew for anyone to get behind. Size: 24 x 355 ml
  • This traditional German-style Schwarzbier combines a malt profile with upfront notes of toasted grains, coffee, and chocolate malts, leading to an elegantly smooth finish. Big on flavour, but sessionable as well. Size: 24 x 473 ml
  • Our winter seasonal release is a complex sipper, giving some warmth as the days grow colder. Seeker is a silky, rich stout with very forward espresso flavour. This is complimented by the addition of cocoa, toasted coconut and cinnamon bark. This beer is layered with bold flavours reminiscent of a holiday desert, look no further for a satisfying, intense black beer.

    ABV: 6.9% IBU: 22 Size: 24 x 473 ml
  • A modern Dartmouth take on a 1980's British pub classic, Blackcurrant Snakebite Rose is a limited-release union of Spindrift Killick Session Lager and Lake City Cider Darkside Dry topped up with a nip of house-fermented blackcurrant wine.  Smooth, crisp and with just the right amount of tartness, this magenta-hued potable packs a refreshing bite you'll come to love. Size: 24 x 473 ml
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