Who We Are

Born and raised on the East Coast, we’ve always been surrounded by water. Not only has this shaped who we are, it’s led to our greatest passion in life. Making craft beer! We don’t mind taking the long way around, which is why we decided to brew beer that takes time, patience, and perseverance. We brew beer the old-fashioned way, from pure waters and simple ingredients. Sure, we could have started with something easier, but we think the journey is the best part! Well, that and the taste. We hope you do too.

— Andy, Rob, and Andrew
Spindrift Brewing Company

Our Head Brewer


Our Head Brewer, Kyle Jeppesen, began his career in the brewing industry while attending Dalhousie University for biology and food science. He enjoys the fast pace environment and growth that the industry is currently experiencing. His own interests in beer directly influence Spindrift’s lineup of products. Along with the hoppier craft ales and lagers, Kyle lives for clean, easy-drinking beer and hopes to see more people turn to craft lagers in the future.

Our Brew Crew


Pictured Above: Head Brewer Kyle, Cellerman Barry, and Packaging Manager Peter