Born and raised on the East Coast, we’ve always been surrounded by water. Not only has this shaped who we are, it’s led to our greatest passion in life. Making craft beer!

We don’t mind taking the long way around, which is why we decided to brew beer that takes time, patience, and perseverance. We brew beer the old-fashioned way, from pure waters and simple ingredients.

Sure, we could have started with something easier, but we think the journey is the best part! Well, that and the taste. We hope you do too.
— Andy, Rob, and Andrew, Co-Founders, Spindrift Brewing Company

Kellye Robertson, Brewmaster

Kellye is a product of the Niagara College Brewmaster & Brewery Management Program.  She also has a BComm from St. Mary’s University. Kellye has worked and/or apprenticed at many excellent craft breweries in Canada, including Beau’s Brewing in Ottawa and Garrison Brewing here in Nova Scotia.

Born and raised in Lunenburg NS, Kellye is keen to push boundaries with her brewing.

Matthew Daye, Packaging Manager

Straight from the metropolis of Middle Musquodoboit, Matthew enjoys hacking darts and listening to Dolly Parton. While Packaging Manager may be his official title here at Spindrift, the relationship he has with our manual keg washer is one of a kind that cannot be faked.

While putting things into other things may be his business now, he is a Red Seal Chef trained through the NSCC program. In his spare time he enjoys combing his beard under the retail counter and making Zac work his retail shifts.