Coastal Lager Wording & Buoy 1.jpg

We’ve always been surrounded by water. Like the ocean waves that have shaped our lands, it has shaped who we are.  Our forefathers settled and raised families here, creating a legacy on the sea. 

Enter the Lobster Buoy. That colourful piece of wood floating in the water, marking a fishermen’s lobster pot.  No two are alike.  Each unique as the fisherman that crafts them. It gets hit by wave after cold North Atlantic wave.  

The spray off those waves, well that’s a Spindrift.  And that’s our inspiration. Cold, crisp Spindrift beer. Refreshingly unique, traditional and familiar.

So raise a glass with us as we pay homage to our culture, people and of course, our love of craft beer. 

— Andy, Rob and Andrew - Co-Founders of Spindrift Brewing Co.