Spindrift "Can"-venience

The on site store is a ‘can-venient way’ to stock up on your favorite Spindrift Brew!  Cans are impervious to oxygen and uv light - two elements that break down beer the fastest.  They are much more Environmental friendly too.  Our cans are made from up to 70% of post-consumer materials!  So that's pretty wicked!  If you want to see a video of our production line, go <HERE>

473 ml Single Serve - $3.99
473 ml 4 pack -$14.99
355 ml 6 pack - $xx.xx (Killick Session Lager only)

Spindrift Growlers

Fill 'er up!  Spindrift Growlers are always a great option!  They also make an awesome gift.  And we're not picky - we'll happily fill other brewers growlers, BUT Spindrift reserves the right to not fill growlers that are dirty, chipped/cracked or generally not in good repair.  So we might be picky.....Nobody likes a sad growler!

1.89 L Fill - $11.00 (refundable deposit $9.00)
1 L Fill - $5.75
750 ml Fill - $4.50

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Spindrift Kegs

Wanna Keg?  We got 'em!  A refundable deposit is required on keg purchases.  For licensees looking for keg purchase/delivery, contact order@spindriftbrewing.ca

19.5 L - $xx.xx
50 L - $xx.xx

Spindrift Samples

Not sure what Spindrift brew you're into?  Take a seat and take flight!  We have Single Samplers and Flights available.  While your on your flight, have a chat with the Brew Crew.  They're alright. 

5 oz Single Samplers Fill - $1.50
5 oz 4 Flight Samplers Fill - $xx.xx

Spindrift Swag

Longing for some Spindrift swag?  Check out our line of clothing and collectibles.  Grab some for yourself or for your beer loving enthusiasts!  Everyone loves a Dad Hat.  And our T's are pretty swagger too!

Shirt Mens

Shirt Ladies