Our Core Offerings

Our core brands are our foundational products. The most widely available of our beers, they appear in package and on-premises in all four Atlantic provinces. We were founded as a lager brewery, and all our lagers are branded with lobster buoys, drawing colour inspiration from the provinces we call home. As we branched into ales, we added nautical signal flags to brand these new “flag”ship products.

Killick web.jpg

Killick Session Lager

ABV: 4.7% | IBU: 16

The easiest drinking lager in our lineup. Killick is a crushable beer with mild and clean upfront bitterness that dissipates quickly. A light hopping with Saazer-type hopes lends delicate floral aromas.

Coastal web.jpg

Coastal Amber Lager

ABV: 5% | IBU: 16

Our debut brand: a European amber lager with mild, toasty caramel malt character and just enough hopping for balance. Coastal is a highly drinkable beer with elegant effervescence and a smooth finish.

Hurricane web.jpg

Hurricane IPA

ABV: 6.2% | IBU: 60

The IPA captures every element of hop character one would expect from a classic west coast style. Expect big flavour and aroma, as well as an off-dry finish. Designed for every IPA lover with easy consumption in mind.

kb web.jpg

Knotty Buoy Pils

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 28

Knotty Buoy Pils has a medium-dry finish and moderate bitterness. Pouring golden yellow with high-carbonation, it has notes of lavender honey, lemongrass, and the flowers you bought your mom for Mother’s Day.

Our Best Friend Beer

Toller arrived as a separate Spindrift off-brand product in Nova Scotia in 2018, and has since wandered into Newfoundland and Labrador in 2019. New Toller products are coming soon!

Toller web.jpg

Toller Lager

ABV: 5% | IBU: 10

Finally, a craft beer for the masses! Welcome Toller: friendly, clever, easy-to-love, and loyal. Yournew best friend. This beer is crisp and a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a clean, easy-to-drink beer.


Our Seasonal Offerings

Timing is everything! That’s why smooth and fruity Wheelhouse appears every summer, and rich Abyss appears in the fall. Other seasonal beers may show up from time to time as well.

Wheelhouse web.jpg

Wheel House Radler

ABV: 4% | IBU: 8

Wheelhouse combines an exotic blend of citrus fruits (including grapefruit, lemon and tangerine) with our pale, crisp and dry base beer result in a refreshing, low alcohol beverage. An easy to love summer beer. (Seasonal availability.)

abyss web.jpg

Abyss Black Lager

ABV: 5% | IBU: 15

This traditional German-style Schwarzbier combines a malt profile with upfront notes of toasted grains, coffee, and chocolate malts, leading to an elegantly smooth finish. Big on flavour, but sessionable as well. (Seasonal.)

Our Limited Edition Offerings

Every now and then we come up with a beer than doesn’t fit one of our core or side-brand lines, and these we release on an special, ad hoc schedule — releasing in both package and keg format. Our brewers are creative geniuses and are always coming up with something special. And we bring them to you as they appear.

juan label.jpg

Hurricane Juan DIPA

ABV: 8.2% | IBU: 60

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Juan: the Double IPA we brewed to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Juan, which struck the Maritimes on September 29, 2003. BIG, BOLD, and HAZY, this strong beer matches both the strong storm and the stronger people that weathered it. Raise a glass in honour of yourself. Cheers to you all!


Beaufort 10

ABV: 10% | IBU: 22

Brewed in August, this mature Doppelbock has undergone a lengthy primary fermentation and conditioning period followed by a month of lagering. Our most substantial seasonal lager release, Beaufort 10 is brewed and cellared in a fashion we hope mirrors your winter: unrushed.

Our Specialty Offerings

Besides our daily specials in the brew-house itself, where you can find one-time-only brews and special blends for pints and growler fills, our premium limited edition line is Out of the Hold. Each unique brew appears bottle conditioned and in a 500ml bottle, and features original art on its label. Collectors’ items, for sure!


Growler Fills

We like to keep things fresh in our brewery and retail store at 21 Frazee Avenue in Dartmouth, so every day we have a variety of brews and blends you won’t find anywhere else, available for growler fills. The brews here change often, so come back regularly or follow us on Instagram to check. Heck, you can even try before you buy: have a pint or sample a flight to see what sticks to your tongue!


Out of the Hold

Limited edition of barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned premium brews? Yes please. Out of the Hold releases are always conditioned products. Refrigerate generously before serving to allow yeast to settle. Pour slow and steady. All products are released when they are ready to serve, prompt consumption is recommended. Small runs of super high-end beers. The longer you read this, the fewer of these there are.